If anyone reading this is in the horse business... you know very well how hard it is to be in this business. If running a horse training facility were just about the horses, it would be a piece of cake to do!! However, we all know that being in the horse business is much more complicated than that!! There are people you have to deal with, barns to maintain, hay to be put up, etc etc. This time of year the business part slows down and the maintenance sky rockets. Between blanketing, body clipping and winterizing everything it tends to be a lot of work. Some people don't realize how hard it is to run a show barn and what all goes into these horses that shine in the ring! Even though we are a small scale barn, it's still a lot work! I am the only one at the barn most days, and it is important for me to be on top of my game at all times!! Sales horses and show horses alike have to be kept in work around the clock. I too have to keep up with my training to stay fit physically and mentally!! I'm not one to ride for fun or for pleasure! Riding is my lively hood and my job. I make it my business to be good at what I do and I work hard and strive to be the best I can be! George Morris says "perfect practice makes perfect" and who better to know than the man that has the art of riding down pat!! As a trainer sometimes even I go to someone who is more experienced than myself to learn new tricks and to be reminded of my equitation! Equitation is the most important thing about riding. And horses will tell you that you don't need it, however most of the time that is just to get out of work!! If there is one thing my mentor has taught me it's that riding the way the horse wants you to does neither one of you any good!! The picture must be pretty at all times...and more often than not that is easier said than done!! Because horses have a way of ruining the perfect picture is one way or another! Scarlet and I were jumping one day and she was going very fast, as usual, and was jumping really well!! One wrong turn and she sent me flying into the bushes!! So much for that perfect picture! I have to laugh at it... because I'm sure it was funny to anyone watching! The mare is a machine some days... and other days she is a jet engine just waiting to explode! She is definitely not for the faint at heart! Unlike a jet, there is no "buckle your seat belts" sign when the ride is going to be bumpy! I never know what the ride is going to be like when I sit in the saddle, however, after the first ten minutes I can tell whether I can continue to do what I planned or if I need to change my plans and do something different!! I suppose, that is all the horses really! Only difference is with most horses you can influence them into wanting to do what you have planned, however with Scarlet you can only try... but if Scarlet doesn't want to... you're trying may be in vain! I love her. I love my job and the horses I get to work with!! We have been very busy lately with sales. And I hope it continues throughout the winter! Our inventory at the moment is low, but I hope it stays that way until spring!! I'm currently in search of a hunter horse for the 2013 season. I hope to find something before the winter is over! Well, there are horses that are calling my name... stay warm, keep dry, and don't fall off!!

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